Adding Tasks to a Control Flow

When you are working in the control flow designer, the Toolbox in SSIS Designer lists the tasks that SQL Server 2005 Integration Services (SSIS) provides for building control flow in a package. The Toolbox has two nodes, Control Flow Items and Maintenance Plan Tasks. The Maintenance Plan Tasks node lists the tasks that you use to maintain SQL Server databases and jobs. The Control Flow Items node lists the tasks that you use to support data flows in a package, prepare data, perform workflow and business intelligence functions, and implement scripts. The Control Flow Items node also lists the containers—Foreach Loop, For Loop, and Sequence—that you can use to construct a control flow. For more information, see Integration Services Tasks and Integration Services Containers.

A package can include multiple instances of the same task. Each instance of a task is uniquely identified in the package, and you can configure each instance differently.

If you delete a task, the precedence constraints that connect the task to other tasks and containers in the control flow are also deleted.

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