This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

ApplicationDeployment Properties

  Name Description
Public property ActivationUri Gets the URL used to launch the deployment manifest of the application.
Public property Static CurrentDeployment Returns the current ApplicationDeployment for this deployment.
Public property CurrentVersion Gets the version of the deployment for the current running instance of the application.
Public property DataDirectory Gets the path to the ClickOnce data directory.
Public property IsFirstRun Gets a value indicating whether this is the first time this application has run on the client computer.
Public property Static IsNetworkDeployed Gets a value indicating whether the current application is a ClickOnce application.
Public property TimeOfLastUpdateCheck Gets the date of the time ClickOnce last checked for an application update.
Public property UpdatedApplicationFullName Gets the full name of the application after it has been updated.
Public property UpdatedVersion Gets the version of the update that was recently downloaded.
Public property UpdateLocation Gets the Web site or file share from which this application updates itself.