ExceptionMessageBox Constructor (Exception, ExceptionMessageBoxButtons, ExceptionMessageBoxSymbol)


Creates an instance of ExceptionMessageBox by using information from the specified Exception and by specifying the buttons and symbol to display in the message box.

Namespace:   Microsoft.SqlServer.MessageBox
Assembly:  Microsoft.ExceptionMessageBox (in Microsoft.ExceptionMessageBox.dll)

public ExceptionMessageBox(
	Exception exception,
	ExceptionMessageBoxButtons buttons,
	ExceptionMessageBoxSymbol symbol


Type: System.Exception

Exception that contains the top-level text, inner exception text, caption, data, help link, and optional additional information to display in the exception message box.

Type: Microsoft.SqlServer.MessageBox.ExceptionMessageBoxButtons

ExceptionMessageBoxButtons enumeration that specifies the buttons to display in the exception message box.

Type: Microsoft.SqlServer.MessageBox.ExceptionMessageBoxSymbol

ExceptionMessageBoxSymbol enumeration that specifies the symbol to display in the exception message box.

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