OlapMode (MDStore Interface)


  This feature will be removed in the next version of Microsoft SQL Server. Do not use this feature in new development work, and modify applications that currently use this feature as soon as possible.

The OlapMode property of the MDStore interface contains the OLAP storage mode assigned to the MDStore object.

Applies To: clsAggregation, clsCube (excluding virtual cubes), clsDatabase, clsPartition


The OlapMode property defines the storage mode for each fact table and aggregation in an MDStore object. Possible storage modes are relational OLAP (ROLAP) and multidimensional OLAP (MOLAP). Hybrid OLAP (HOLAP) storage combines ROLAP and MOLAP storage modes. Setting this property for a clsDatabase object defines the default storage mode for new cubes created within the database, whereas setting this property for a clsCube object defines the default storage mode for new partitions created within the cube.

This property is read-only and always olapmodeROLAP for a linked cube (that is, a cube of SubClassType of sbclsLinked).