DataSet.DetermineSchemaSerializationMode Method (XmlReader)

Determines the SchemaSerializationMode for a DataSet.

Namespace: System.Data
Assembly: System.Data (in

Protected Function DetermineSchemaSerializationMode ( _
	reader As XmlReader _
) As SchemaSerializationMode
Dim reader As XmlReader
Dim returnValue As SchemaSerializationMode

returnValue = Me.DetermineSchemaSerializationMode(reader)
protected SchemaSerializationMode DetermineSchemaSerializationMode (
	XmlReader reader
protected function DetermineSchemaSerializationMode (
	reader : XmlReader
) : SchemaSerializationMode
Not applicable.



The XmlReader instance that is passed during deserialization of the DataSet.

Return Value

An SchemaSerializationMode enumeration indicating whether schema information has been omitted from the payload.

This method can be called when deserializing a typed DataSet to determine its SchemaSerializationMode.

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