DataRow.GetParentRow Method (DataRelation, DataRowVersion)


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Gets the parent row of a DataRow using the specified DataRelation, and DataRowVersion.

Namespace:   System.Data
Assembly:  System.Data (in System.Data.dll)

Public Function GetParentRow (
	relation As DataRelation,
	version As DataRowVersion
) As DataRow


Type: System.Data.DataRelation

The DataRelation to use.

Type: System.Data.DataRowVersion

One of the DataRowVersion values specifying the version of the data to get.

Return Value

Type: System.Data.DataRow

The parent DataRow of the current row.

Exception Condition

The row is null.

The relation does not belong to this table's parent relations.


A child row has multiple parents.


The relation's child table is not the table the row belongs to.


The row does not belong to a table.


The row does not have this version of data.

In a DataSet, the collection of all parent DataRelation objects for the data set is returned by the GetParentRows method.

The DataTable also contains a collection of DataRelation objects, returned by the ParentRelations property.

Use the HasVersion property to determine whether the DataRowVersion that you want exists.

The following example uses the GetParentRow to return the child DataRow objects for every child DataRelation in a DataTable. The value of each column in the row is then printed.

Private Sub GetParentRowForTable _
    (thisTable As DataTable, relation As DataRelation, _
    version As DataRowVersion)
    If thisTable Is Nothing Then
    End If

    ' For each row in the table, print column 1 
    ' of the parent DataRow.
    Dim parentRow As DataRow
    Dim row As DataRow
    For Each row In  thisTable.Rows
        parentRow = row.GetParentRow(relation, version)
        Console.Write(ControlChars.Tab & " child row: " & _
        Console.Write(ControlChars.Tab & " parent row: " _
            & parentRow(1).ToString() & ControlChars.Cr)
    Next row
End Sub

Private Sub CallGetParentRowForTable()
    ' An example of calling the function.
    Dim thisTable As DataTable = DataSet1.Tables("Products")
    Dim relation As DataRelation = thisTable.ParentRelations(0)

    ' Print only original versions of parent rows.
    GetParentRowForTable(thisTable, relation, _
End Sub

.NET Framework
Available since 1.1
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