This feature will be removed in the next version of Microsoft SQL Server. Do not use this feature in new development work, and modify applications that currently use this feature as soon as possible.

The member property object defines a property for a level member. Like level members, these properties are read from the dimension table. A level can have any number of member properties. An object of ClassType clsMemberProperty provides collections and properties through its own internal interface. There are no methods associated with this object class. clsMemberProperty objects are contained in a parent level object's MemberProperties collection.

Access to the properties of an object of ClassType clsMemberProperty depends on the context in which it is used. clsMemberProperty objects are created and managed in the context of a database level and have read/write access. Cube and partition levels inherit member properties from the database level. Member properties accessed through cube and partition level objects are read-only.

Member properties are versatile objects that can be used to facilitate a number of different tasks. One task, for example, is that of sorting the members of a level by a particular attribute. For example, consider the States level of the Geography dimension. A member property can be defined that refers to the population of the state. Client applications can then sort on this population property.

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