BindingList.ApplySortCore Method

Sorts the items if overridden in a derived class; otherwise, throws a NotSupportedException.

Namespace: System.ComponentModel
Assembly: System (in system.dll)

protected virtual void ApplySortCore (
	PropertyDescriptor prop,
	ListSortDirection direction
protected void ApplySortCore (
	PropertyDescriptor prop, 
	ListSortDirection direction
protected function ApplySortCore (
	prop : PropertyDescriptor, 
	direction : ListSortDirection
Not applicable.



A PropertyDescriptor that specifies the property to sort on.


One of the ListSortDirection values.

Exception typeCondition


Method is not overridden in a derived class.

The BindingList class does not provide a base implementation of sorting, so ApplySortCore always throws a NotSupportedException by default. To enable sorting, derive from BindingList and perform the following tasks:

  • Override ApplySortCore and implement sorting, raising the ListChanged event when sorting is complete.

  • Override RemoveSortCore and implement sort removal.

  • Override SupportsSortingCore and set SupportsSortingCore to true.

In addition, you may want to implement the supplemental SortDirectionCore and SortPropertyCore sorting properties.

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