PredictAssociation (DMX)

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Predicts associative membership.

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This is different from creating a prediction on an association model.

PredictAssociation(<table column reference>, option1, option2, n ...)

Classification algorithms and clustering algorithms that contain predictable nested tables. Classification algorithms include the Microsoft Decision Trees, Microsoft Naive Bayes, and Microsoft Neural Network algorithms.

<table expression>

The options for the PredictAssociation function include EXCLUDE_NULL, INCLUDE_NULL, INCLUSIVE, EXCLUSIVE (default), INPUT_ONLY, INCLUDE_STATISTICS, and INCLUDE_NODE_ID.

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INCLUSIVE, EXCLUSIVE, INPUT_ONLY, and INCLUDE_STATISTICS apply only for a table column reference, and EXCLUDE_NULL and INCLUDE_NULL apply only for a scalar column reference.

INCLUDE_STATISTICS only returns $Probability and $AdjustedProbability.

If the numeric parameter n is specified, the PredictAssociation function returns the top n most likely values based on the probability:

PredictAssociation(colref, [$AdjustedProbability], n)

If you include $AdjustedProbability, the statement returns the top n values based on the $AdjustedProbability.

The following example uses the PredictAssociation function to return the four products in the Adventure Works database that are most likely to be sold together.

  PredictAssociation([Association].[v Assoc Seq Line Items],4)

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