ISSCommandWithParameters::GetParameterProperties (OLE DB)


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Returns an array of SSPARAMPROPS property set structures, one SSPARAMPROPS property set for each UDT or XML parameter.

HRESULT GetParameterProperties(  
      DB_UPARAMS *pcParams,  
      SSPARAMPROPS **prgParamProperties);  

A pointer to memory that contains the number of SSPARAMPROPS structures returned in prgParamProperties.

A pointer to memory in which an array of SSPARAMPROPS structures is returned. The provider allocates memory for the structures and returns the address to this memory; the consumer releases this memory with IMalloc::Free when it no longer needs the structures. Before calling IMalloc::Free for prgParamProperties, the consumer must also call VariantClear for the vValue property of each DBPROP structure in order to prevent a memory leak in cases where the variant contains a reference type (such as a BSTR.) If pcParams is zero on output or an error other than DB_E_ERRORSOCCURRED occurs, the provider does not allocate any memory and ensures that prgParamProperties is a null pointer on output.

The GetParameterProperties method returns the same error codes as the core OLE DB ICommandProperties::GetProperties method, except that DB_S_ERRORSOCCURRED and DB_E_ERRORSOCCURED cannot be raised.

ISSCommandWithParameters::GetParameterProperties behaves consistently with respect to GetParameterInfo. If ISSCommandWithParameters::SetParameterProperties or SetParameterInfo have not been called or have been called with cParams equal to zero, GetParameterInfo derives parameter information and returns this. If ISSCommandWithParameters::SetParameterProperties or SetParameterInfo have been called for at least one parameter, ISSCommandWithParameters::GetParameterProperties returns properties only for those parameters for which ISSCommandWithParameters::SetParameterProperties has been called. If ISSCommandWithParameters::SetParameterProperties is called after ISSCommandWithParameters::GetParameterProperties or GetParameterInfo, subsequent calls to ISSCommandWithParameters::GetParameterProperties return the overridden values for those parameters for which ISSCommandWithParameters::SetParameterProperties has been called.

The SSPARAMPROPS structure is defined as follows:



ULONG cPropertySets;

DBPROPSET *rgPropertySets;


iOrdinalThe ordinal of the passed parameter.
cPropertySetsThe number of DBPROPSET structures in rgPropertySets.
rgPropertySetsA pointer to memory in which to return an array of DBPROPSET structures.

ISSCommandWithParameters (OLE DB)

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