This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

FileLogTraceListener Properties

The FileLogTraceListener type exposes the following members.

Public property Append Determines whether to append the output to the current file or write it to a new file.
Public property Attributes Gets the custom trace listener attributes defined in the application configuration file. (Inherited from TraceListener.)
Public property AutoFlush Indicates whether or not the writing to the log file stream flushes the buffer.
Public property BaseFileName Gets or sets the base name for the log files, which is used to create the full log-file name.
Public property CustomLocation Gets or sets the log file directory when the Location property is set to Custom.
Public property Delimiter Gets or sets the delimiter used to delimit fields within a log message.
Public property DiskSpaceExhaustedBehavior Determines what to do when writing to the log file and there is less free disk space available than specified by the ReserveDiskSpace property.
Public property Encoding Gets or sets the encoding to use when creating a new log file.
Public property Filter Gets and sets the trace filter for the trace listener. (Inherited from TraceListener.)
Public property FullLogFileName Gets the current full log-file name.
Public property IncludeHostName Indicates whether or not the host name of the logging machine should be included in the output.
Public property IndentLevel Gets or sets the indent level. (Inherited from TraceListener.)
Public property IndentSize Gets or sets the number of spaces in an indent. (Inherited from TraceListener.)
Public property IsThreadSafe Gets a value indicating whether the trace listener is thread safe. (Inherited from TraceListener.)
Public property Location Gets or sets location for the log files.
Public property LogFileCreationSchedule Determines which date to include in the names of the log files.
Public property MaxFileSize Gets or sets the maximum allowed size of the log file, in bytes.
Public property Name Gets or sets a name for this TraceListener. (Inherited from TraceListener.)
Protected property NeedIndent Gets or sets a value indicating whether to indent the output. (Inherited from TraceListener.)
Public property ReserveDiskSpace Gets or sets the amount of free disk space, in bytes, necessary before messages can be written to the log file.
Public property TraceOutputOptions Gets or sets the trace output options. (Inherited from TraceListener.)