This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

WindowsFormsApplicationBase Properties

The WindowsFormsApplicationBase type exposes the following members.

Public property ApplicationContext Gets the ApplicationContext object for the current thread of a Windows Forms application.
Public property CommandLineArgs Gets a collection containing the command-line arguments as strings for the current application. (Inherited from ConsoleApplicationBase.)
Public property Culture Gets the culture that the current thread uses for string manipulation and string formatting. (Inherited from ApplicationBase.)
Public property Deployment Gets the current application's ClickOnce deployment object, which provides support for updating the current deployment programmatically and support for the on-demand download of files. (Inherited from ConsoleApplicationBase.)
Protected property EnableVisualStyles Determines whether this application will use the XP Windows styles for windows, controls, and so on.
Public property Info Gets an object that provides properties for getting information about the application's assembly, such as the version number, description, and so on. (Inherited from ApplicationBase.)
Protected property InternalCommandLine Sets the values to use as the current application's command-line arguments. (Inherited from ConsoleApplicationBase.)
Public property IsNetworkDeployed Gets a Boolean that represents whether the application was deployed from a network using ClickOnce. (Inherited from ConsoleApplicationBase.)
Protected property IsSingleInstance Determines whether this application is a single-instance application.
Public property Log Gets an object that provides properties and methods for writing event and exception information to the application's log listeners. (Inherited from ApplicationBase.)
Protected property MainForm Gets or sets the main form for this application.
Public property MinimumSplashScreenDisplayTime Determines the minimum length of time, in milliseconds, for which the splash screen is displayed.
Public property OpenForms Gets a collection of all the application's open forms.
Public property SaveMySettingsOnExit Determines whether the application saves the user settings on exit.
Protected property ShutdownStyle Determines what happens when the application's main form closes.
Public property SplashScreen Gets or sets the splash screen for this application.
Public property UICulture Gets the culture that the current thread uses for retrieving culture-specific resources. (Inherited from ApplicationBase.)
Protected property Static member UseCompatibleTextRendering When overridden in a derived class, this property allows a designer to specify the default text rendering engine for the application's forms.