CubeAttribute Data Type
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CubeAttribute Data Type (ASSL)

Defines a primitive data type that represents an attribute associated with a Cube element.




Base data types


Derived data types


The AttributeHierarchyOptimizedState element is not supported when running the service in DeploymentMode configuration property values of 1 or 2 (SharePoint or Tabular modes, used to run PowerPivot and tabular model databases).

An attribute cannot be added as a level of a hierarchy when the property, AtttributeHierarchyEnabled, is set to FALSE and the instance is operating under DeploymentMode 1 or 2 (SharePoint or Tabular server mode).

Attributes in the CubeDimension element that are not explicitly included in the Attributes collection become part of the collection with default values assigned to them. After attributes are added to the collection, the attributes can be returned by the Discover method.

The AggregationUsage element controls how Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services automatically designs aggregations for the attribute. The AggregationUsage element does not constrain any aggregations that are manually created for the cube.

The corresponding element in the Analysis Management Objects (AMO) object model is CubeAttribute.

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