Applies To: SQL Server 2016 Preview

Returns the names, restrictions, description, and other information for all enumeration values and any additional provider-specific enumeration values supported by the Microsoft XML for Analysis (XMLA) provider.

If you call the Discover method with the DISCOVER_SCHEMA_ROWSETS enumeration value in the RequestType element, the Discover method returns the DISCOVER_SCHEMA_ROWSETS rowset.

The DISCOVER_SCHEMA_ROWSETS rowset contains the following columns.

Column nameType indicatorLengthDescription
SchemaNameDBTYPE_WSTRThe name of the schema or request. This request returns the values in the RequestTypes enumeration.
SchemaGuidDBTYPE_GUIDThe GUID of the schema.
RestrictionsDBTYPE_HCHAPTERAn array of the restrictions supported by the provider.
DescriptionDBTYPE_WSTRA localizable description of the schema.

This schema rowset is not sorted.

For a provider that supports three restrictions for the DBSCHEMA_MEMBERS schema rowset, the Restrictions array might return the following result. The elements in the result refer to column names in the schema.

      <CATALOG_NAME type="string" />   
      <SCHEMA_NAME type="string" />   
      <CUBE_NAME type="string" />   

The DISCOVER_SCHEMA_ROWSETS rowset can be restricted on the columns listed in the following table.

Column nameType indicatorRestriction State

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