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MIME Namespace

  Class Description
Public class bts_mime_properties Represents the properties for the BTS Mime headers.
Public class ContentDescription Represents the content description for MIME part.
Public class ContentID Represents the content ID for MIME part.
Public class ContentLocation Specifies the content location of the MIME part.
Public class ContentTransferEncoding Represents the content transfer encoding.
Public class ContentTypeSecondaryHeader Represents the secondary header for the content type.
Public class ContentTypeSecondaryHeaderValue Specifies the value of the content type secondary header.
Public class FileName Provides file name for MIME type.
Public class IsMIMEEncoded Specifies whether the message has a MIME/SMIME payload.
Public class IsMultipartRelated Specifies the multipart related MIME message.
Public class PartContentTypeSecondaryHeader Represents the secondary header of part content type.
Public class PartContentTypeSecondaryHeaderValue Specifies the secondary header value for part content type.
Public class PassThroughBTF Represents a MIME message that pass through BizTalk Framework.

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