StorageDevice Members

The following tables list the members exposed by the StorageDevice type.

Public PropertyFreeSpaceGets the amount of free space on the device.
Public PropertyIsConnectedGets whether the device is connected.
Public PropertyTotalSpaceGets the total amount of space on the device.

Public MethodBeginOpenContainerBegins the process for opening a StorageContainer containing any files for the specified title.
Public Method StaticBeginShowSelectorOverloaded. Overloaded methods for showing the storage device selector asynchronously.
Public MethodDeleteContainerDeletes a storage container without opening it.
Public MethodEndOpenContainerEnds the process for opening a StorageContainer.
Public Method StaticEndShowSelectorEnds the display of the storage selector user interface.
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Public Event StaticDeviceChangedOccurs when a device is removed or inserted.

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