NetworkSession Members

The following tables list the members exposed by the NetworkSession type.

Public FieldMaxSupportedGamersMaximum number of gamers supported in a session.

Public PropertyAllGamersGets the collection of gamers currently in the session.
Public PropertyAllowHostMigration Gets or sets whether host migration is allowed. This can be read by any machine in the session, but can only be changed by the host. The default value is false indicating that host migration is disabled.
Public PropertyAllowJoinInProgress Gets or sets whether join-in-progress is allowed. If the host enables this setting, new machines will be able to join at any time. The default value is false, indicating that join-in-progress is disabled. AllowJoinInProgress can be read by any machine in the session, but can only be changed by the host.
Public PropertyBytesPerSecondReceivedGets a performance counter recording the amount of data being received from the network.
Public PropertyBytesPerSecondSent Gets a performance counter recording the amount of data being sent over the network.
Public PropertyHostGets the current host of the multiplayer session.
Public PropertyIsDisposedGets a value that indicates whether the object is disposed.
Public PropertyIsEveryoneReadyDetermines whether all gamers are ready to enter the session.
Public PropertyIsHostDetermines whether this machine is the session host.
Public PropertyLocalGamersGet the collection of local gamers for a multiplayer session.
Public PropertyMaxGamersGets or sets the maximum number of players able to join this multiplayer session. Up to 31 players are supported.
Public PropertyPrivateGamerSlotsGets or sets the number of private slots reserved for gamers who join using an invitation.
Public PropertyRemoteGamersGets the collection of remote gamers for a multiplayer session.
Public PropertySessionPropertiesGets any custom properties that have been attached to the session.
Public PropertySessionStateGets the current state of a multiplayer session.
Public PropertySessionTypeGets the current multiplayer session type.
Public PropertySimulatedLatencyGets or sets the amount of simulated network latency.
Public PropertySimulatedPacketLossGets or sets the amount of simulated packet loss.

Public Method StaticBeginCreateOverloaded. Starts hosting a new multiplayer session.
Public Method StaticBeginFindStarts a matchmaking query to search for available multiplayer sessions.
Public Method StaticBeginJoinStarts a join operation for the specified multiplayer session.
Public Method StaticCreateOverloaded. Hosts a new multiplayer session.
Public MethodDisposeEnds the current multiplayer session.
Public Method StaticEndCreateGets the result from a BeginCreate asynchronous call.
Public Method StaticEndFindGets the result from a BeginFind asynchronous call.
Public MethodEndGameChanges the session state from NetworkSessionState.Playing to NetworkSessionState.Lobby.
Public Method StaticEndJoinGets the result from a BeginJoin asynchronous call.
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Public Method StaticFindIssues a matchmaking query, searching for available multiplayer sessions.
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Public Method StaticJoinJoins an existing multiplayer session.
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Public MethodResetReadyResets the IsReady property of all session gamers.
Public MethodStartGameChanges the session state from NetworkSessionState.Lobby to NetworkSessionState.Playing.
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Public MethodUpdateUpdates the state of the multiplayer session.

Protected MethodFinalizeAllows this object to attempt to free resources and perform other cleanup operations before garbage collection reclaims the object.
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Public EventGameEndedOccurs when the game moves from gameplay to the lobby.
Public EventGamerJoined Occurs when a new player joins a multiplayer session.
Public EventGamerLeftOccurs when a player leaves the multiplayer session.
Public EventGameStartedOccurs when the game moves from the lobby into actual gameplay.
Public EventHostChanged Occurs when the session host has changed.
Public EventSessionEndedOccurs when the multiplayer session ends.

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