MediaPlayer Members

The following tables list the members exposed by the MediaPlayer type.

Public Property StaticGameHasControlDetermines whether the game has control of the background music.
Public Property StaticIsMutedGets or set the muted setting for the media player.
Public Property StaticIsRepeatingGets or sets the repeat setting for the media player.
Public Property StaticIsShuffledGets or sets the shuffle setting for the media player.
Public Property StaticIsVisualizationEnabledGets or sets the visualization enabled setting for the media player.
Public Property StaticPlayPositionGets the play position within the currently playing song.
Public Property StaticQueueGets the media playback queue, MediaQueue.
Public Property StaticStateGets the media playback state, MediaState.
Public Property StaticVolumeGets or sets the media player volume.

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Public Method StaticGetVisualizationDataRetrieves visualization (frequency and sample) data for the currently-playing song.
Public Method StaticMoveNextMoves to the next song in the queue of playing songs.
Public Method StaticMovePreviousMoves to the previous song in the queue of playing songs.
Public Method StaticPausePauses the currently playing song.
Public Method StaticPlayOverloaded. Plays a song or collection of songs.
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Public Method StaticResumeResumes a paused song.
Public Method StaticStopStops playing a song.
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Public Event StaticActiveSongChanged Raised when the active song changes due to active playback or due to explicit calls to the MoveNext or MovePrevious methods.
Public Event StaticMediaStateChangedRaised when the media player play state changes.

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