MathHelper Members

The following tables list the members exposed by the MathHelper type.

Public FieldERepresents the mathematical constant e.
Public FieldLog10ERepresents the log base ten of e.
Public FieldLog2ERepresents the log base two of e.
Public FieldPiRepresents the value of pi.
Public FieldPiOver2Represents the value of pi divided by two.
Public FieldPiOver4Represents the value of pi divided by four.
Public FieldTwoPiRepresents the value of pi times two.

Public Method StaticBarycentricReturns the Cartesian coordinate for one axis of a point that is defined by a given triangle and two normalized barycentric (areal) coordinates.
Public Method StaticCatmullRomPerforms a Catmull-Rom interpolation using the specified positions.
Public Method StaticClampRestricts a value to be within a specified range.
Public Method StaticDistanceCalculates the absolute value of the difference of two values.
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Public Method StaticHermitePerforms a Hermite spline interpolation.
Public Method StaticLerpLinearly interpolates between two values.
Public Method StaticMaxReturns the greater of two values.
Public Method StaticMinReturns the lesser of two values.
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Public Method StaticSmoothStepInterpolates between two values using a cubic equation.
Public Method StaticToDegreesConverts radians to degrees.
Public Method StaticToRadiansConverts degrees to radians.
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Public Method StaticWrapAngleReduces a given angle to a value between π and -π.

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