Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Input Namespace

Contains classes to receive input from keyboard, mouse, and Xbox 360 Controller devices.

Public ClassGamePadAllows retrieval of user interaction with an Xbox 360 Controller and setting of controller vibration motors.
Public ClassKeyboardAllows retrieval of keystrokes from a keyboard input device.
Public ClassMouseAllows retrieval of position and button clicks from a mouse input device.

Public StructureGamePadButtonsIdentifies whether buttons on an Xbox 360 Controller are pressed or released.
Public StructureGamePadCapabilitiesDescribes the capabilities of an Xbox 360 Controller, including controller type, and identifies if the controller supports voice.
Public StructureGamePadDPadIdentifies which directions on the directional pad of an Xbox 360 Controller are being pressed.
Public StructureGamePadStateRepresents specific information about the state of an Xbox 360 Controller, including the current state of buttons and sticks.
Public StructureGamePadThumbSticksStructure that represents the position of left and right sticks (thumbsticks) on an Xbox 360 Controller.
Public StructureGamePadTriggersStructure that defines the position of the left and right triggers on an Xbox 360 Controller.
Public StructureKeyboardStateRepresents a state of keystrokes recorded by a keyboard input device.
Public StructureMouseStateRepresents the state of a mouse input device, including mouse cursor position and buttons pressed.

Public EnumerationButtonsEnumerates input device buttons.
Public EnumerationButtonStateIdentifies the state of a controller button.
Public EnumerationGamePadDeadZoneSpecifies a type of dead zone processing to apply to Xbox 360 Controller analog sticks when calling GetState.
Public EnumerationGamePadTypeDescribes the type of a specified Xbox 360 Controller.
Public EnumerationKeysIdentifies a particular key on a keyboard.
Public EnumerationKeyStateIdentifies the state of a keyboard key.