GraphicsDeviceManager Members

The following tables list the members exposed by the GraphicsDeviceManager type.

Public MethodGraphicsDeviceManagerCreates a new GraphicsDeviceManager and registers it to handle the configuration and management of the graphics device for the specified Game.

Public Field StaticDefaultBackBufferHeightSpecifies the default minimum back-buffer height.
Public Field StaticDefaultBackBufferWidthSpecifies the default minimum back-buffer width.

Public PropertyGraphicsDeviceGets the GraphicsDevice associated with the GraphicsDeviceManager.
Public PropertyGraphicsProfileGets the graphics profile, which determines the graphics feature set.
Public PropertyIsFullScreen Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the device should start in full-screen mode.
Public PropertyPreferMultiSamplingGets or sets a value that indicates whether to enable a multisampled back buffer.
Public PropertyPreferredBackBufferFormatGets or sets the format of the back buffer.
Public PropertyPreferredBackBufferHeightGets or sets the preferred back-buffer height.
Public PropertyPreferredBackBufferWidthGets or sets the preferred back-buffer width.
Public PropertyPreferredDepthStencilFormatGets or sets the format of the depth stencil.
Public PropertySupportedOrientationsGets or sets the display orientations that are available if automatic rotation and scaling is enabled.
Public PropertySynchronizeWithVerticalRetrace Gets or sets a value that indicates whether to sync to the vertical trace (vsync) when presenting the back buffer.

Public MethodApplyChangesApplies any changes to device-related properties, changing the graphics device as necessary.
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Public MethodToggleFullScreenToggles between full screen and windowed mode.
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Protected MethodCanResetDevice Determines whether the given GraphicsDeviceInformation is compatible with the existing graphics device.
Protected MethodDispose Releases the unmanaged resources used by the GraphicsDeviceManager and optionally releases the managed resources.
Protected MethodFinalize(Inherited from Object.)
Protected MethodFindBestDeviceFinds the best device configuration that is compatible with the current device preferences.
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Protected MethodOnDeviceCreatedCalled when a device is created. Raises the DeviceCreated event.
Protected MethodOnDeviceDisposingCalled when a device is being disposed. Raises the DeviceDisposing event.
Protected MethodOnDeviceResetCalled when the device has been reset. Raises the DeviceReset event.
Protected MethodOnDeviceResetting Called when the device is about to be reset. Raises the DeviceResetting event.
Protected MethodOnPreparingDeviceSettings Called when the GraphicsDeviceManager is changing the GraphicsDevice settings (during reset or recreation of the GraphicsDevice). Raises the PreparingDeviceSettings event.
Protected MethodRankDevicesRanks the given list of devices that satisfy the given preferences.

Public EventDeviceCreatedRaised when a new graphics device is created.
Public EventDeviceDisposingRaised when the GraphicsDeviceManager is being disposed.
Public EventDeviceResetRaised when the GraphicsDeviceManager is reset.
Public EventDeviceResettingRaised when the GraphicsDeviceManager is about to be reset.
Public EventDisposedRaised when the GraphicsDeviceManager is disposed.
Public EventPreparingDeviceSettings Raised when the GraphicsDeviceManager is changing the GraphicsDevice settings (during reset or recreation of the GraphicsDevice).

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