SamplerState Members
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SamplerState Members

The following tables list the members exposed by the SamplerState type.

Public PropertyAddressUGets or sets the texture-address mode for the u-coordinate.
Public PropertyAddressVGets or sets the texture-address mode for the v-coordinate.
Public PropertyAddressWGets or sets the texture-address mode for the w-coordinate.
Public PropertyBorderColorGets or sets the border color.
Public PropertyMagFilterGets or sets a magnification filter.
Public PropertyMaxAnisotropyGets or sets the maximum anisotropy. The default value is 0.
Public PropertyMaxMipLevelGets or sets the level of detail (LOD) index of the largest map to use.
Public PropertyMinFilterGets or sets a minification filter.
Public PropertyMipFilterGets or sets a mipmap filter to use during minification.
Public PropertyMipMapLevelOfDetailBiasGets or sets the mipmap level of detail (LOD) bias. The default value is 0.

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