RenderTarget2D Properties

The RenderTarget2D type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property Bounds Gets the size of this resource. (Inherited from Texture2D.)
Public property DepthStencilFormat Gets the data format for the depth stencil data.
Public property Format Gets the format of the texture data. (Inherited from Texture.)
Public property Height Gets the height of this texture resource, in pixels. (Inherited from Texture2D.)
Public property IsDisposed Gets a value that indicates whether the object is disposed. (Inherited from GraphicsResource.)
Public property LevelCount Gets the number of texture levels in a multilevel texture. (Inherited from Texture.)
Public property MultiSampleCount Determines if the index buffer data has been lost due to a lost device event.
Public property RenderTargetUsage Gets or sets the render target usage.
Public property Width Gets the width of this texture resource, in pixels. (Inherited from Texture2D.)

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