RasterizerState Properties

Public PropertyCullMode Specifies the conditions for culling or removing triangles. The default value is CullMode.CounterClockwise.
Public PropertyDepthBiasSets or retrieves the depth bias for polygons, which is the amount of bias to apply to the depth of a primitive to alleviate depth testing problems for primitives of similar depth. The default value is 0.
Public PropertyFillMode The fill mode, which defines how a triangle is filled during rendering. The default is FillMode.Solid.
Public PropertyGraphicsDevice(Inherited from GraphicsResource.)
Public PropertyIsDisposed(Inherited from GraphicsResource.)
Public PropertyMultiSampleAntiAlias Enables or disables multisample antialiasing. The default is true.
Public PropertyName(Inherited from GraphicsResource.)
Public PropertyScissorTestEnable Enables or disables scissor testing. The default is false.
Public PropertySlopeScaleDepthBiasGets or sets a bias value that takes into account the slope of a polygon. This bias value is applied to coplanar primitives to reduce aliasing and other rendering artifacts caused by z-fighting. The default is 0.
Public PropertyTag(Inherited from GraphicsResource.)

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