PresentationParameters Members

The following tables list the members exposed by the PresentationParameters type.

Public MethodPresentationParametersInitializes a new instance of this class.

Public PropertyBackBufferFormatGets or sets the format of the back buffer.
Public PropertyBackBufferHeightGets or sets a value indicating the height of the new swap chain's back buffer.
Public PropertyBackBufferWidthGets or sets a value indicating the width of the new swap chain's back buffer.
Public PropertyBoundsGets the size of this resource.
Public PropertyDepthStencilFormatGets or sets the depth stencil data format.
Public PropertyDeviceWindowHandleGets or sets the handle to the device window.
Public PropertyDisplayOrientationGets or sets the orientation of the display. The default value is DisplayOrientation.Default, which means orientation is determined automatically from your BackBufferWidth and BackBufferHeight.
Public PropertyIsFullScreenGets or sets a value indicating whether the application is in full screen mode.
Public PropertyMultiSampleCountGets or sets a value indicating the number of sample locations during multisampling.
Public PropertyPresentationIntervalGets or sets the maximum rate at which the swap chain's back buffers can be presented to the front buffer.
Public PropertyRenderTargetUsageGets or sets render target usage flags.

Public MethodCloneCreates a copy of this PresentationParameters object.
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