Model Members

The following tables list the members exposed by the Model type.

Public MethodModelInitializes a new instance of Model.

Public PropertyBonesGets a collection of ModelBone objects which describe how each mesh in the Meshes collection for this model relates to its parent mesh.
Public PropertyMeshesGets a collection of ModelMesh objects which compose the model. Each ModelMesh in a model may be moved independently and may be composed of multiple materials identified as ModelMeshPart objects.
Public PropertyRootGets the root bone for this model.
Public PropertyTagGets or sets an object identifying this model.

Public MethodCopyAbsoluteBoneTransformsToCopies a transform of each bone in a model relative to all parent bones of the bone into a given array.
Public MethodCopyBoneTransformsFromCopies an array of transforms into each bone in the model.
Public MethodCopyBoneTransformsToCopies each bone transform relative only to the parent bone of the model to a given array.
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