This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

GraphicsDevice Properties

Public PropertyAdapterGets the graphics adapter.
Public PropertyBlendFactorGets or sets the color used for a constant-blend factor during alpha blending. The default value is Color.White.
Public PropertyBlendState Gets or sets a system-defined instance of a blend state object initialized for alpha blending. The default value is BlendState.Opaque.
Public PropertyDepthStencilState Gets or sets a system-defined instance of a depth-stencil state object. The default value is DepthStencilState.Default.
Public PropertyDisplayMode Retrieves the display mode's spatial resolution, color resolution, and refresh frequency.
Public PropertyGraphicsDeviceStatusRetrieves the status of the device.
Public PropertyGraphicsProfileGets the graphics profile. The default value is GraphicsProfile.Reach.
Public PropertyIndices Gets or sets index data. The default value is null.
Public PropertyIsDisposedGets a value that indicates whether the object is disposed.
Public PropertyMultiSampleMaskGets or sets a bitmask controlling modification of the samples in a multisample render target. The default value is -1 (0xffffffff).
Public PropertyPresentationParametersGets the presentation parameters associated with this graphics device.
Public PropertyRasterizerStateGets or sets rasterizer state. The default value is RasterizerState.CullCounterClockwise.
Public PropertyReferenceStencilGets or sets a reference value for stencil testing. The default value is zero.
Public PropertySamplerStatesRetrieves a collection of SamplerState objects for the current GraphicsDevice.
Public PropertyScissorRectangleGets or sets the rectangle used for scissor testing. By default, the size matches the render target size.
Public PropertyTexturesReturns the collection of textures that have been assigned to the texture stages of the device.
Public PropertyVertexSamplerStatesGets the collection of vertex sampler states.
Public PropertyVertexTexturesGets the collection of vertex textures that support texture lookup in the vertex shader using the texldl statement. The vertex engine contains four texture sampler stages.
Public PropertyViewport Gets or sets a viewport identifying the portion of the render target to receive draw calls.