GraphicsAdapter Properties

Public Property StaticAdaptersCollection of available adapters on the system.
Public PropertyCurrentDisplayModeGets the current display mode.
Public Property StaticDefaultAdapterGets the default adapter.
Public PropertyDescriptionRetrieves a string used for presentation to the user.
Public PropertyDeviceId Retrieves a value that is used to help identify a particular chip set.
Public PropertyDeviceNameRetrieves a string that contains the device name for a Microsoft Windows Graphics Device Interface (GDI).
Public PropertyIsDefaultAdapterDetermines if this instance of GraphicsAdapter is the default adapter.
Public PropertyIsWideScreenDetermines if the graphics adapter is in widescreen mode.
Public PropertyMonitorHandleRetrieves the handle of the monitor associated with the Microsoft Direct3D object.
Public PropertyRevisionRetrieves a value used to help identify the revision level of a particular chip set.
Public PropertySubSystemIdRetrieves a value used to identify the subsystem.
Public PropertySupportedDisplayModesReturns a collection of supported display modes for the current adapter.
Public Property StaticUseNullDeviceGets or sets a NULL device.
Public Property StaticUseReferenceDeviceGets or sets a reference device.
Public PropertyVendorIdRetrieves a value used to identify the manufacturer.

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