DynamicVertexBuffer Members

The following tables list the members exposed by the DynamicVertexBuffer type.

Public MethodDynamicVertexBufferOverloaded. Initializes a new instance of DynamicVertexBuffer.

Public PropertyBufferUsage (Inherited from VertexBuffer.)
Public PropertyGraphicsDevice (Inherited from GraphicsResource.)
Public PropertyIsContentLostDetermines if the index buffer data has been lost due to a lost device event.
Public PropertyIsDisposed (Inherited from GraphicsResource.)
Public PropertyName (Inherited from GraphicsResource.)
Public PropertyPriority (Inherited from GraphicsResource.)
Public PropertyResourceType (Inherited from GraphicsResource.)
Public PropertySizeInBytes (Inherited from VertexBuffer.)
Public PropertyTag (Inherited from GraphicsResource.)

Public MethodDisposeOverloaded. Immediately releases the unmanaged resources used by this object.
Public MethodEquals (Inherited from Object.)
Public MethodGetData (Inherited from VertexBuffer.)
Public MethodGetHashCode (Inherited from Object.)
Public MethodGetType (Inherited from Object.)
Public MethodReferenceEquals (Inherited from Object.)
Public MethodSetDataOverloaded. Copies array data to the vertex buffer.
Public MethodToString (Inherited from Object.)

Protected MethodFinalizeAllows this object to attempt to free resources and perform other cleanup operations before garbage collection reclaims the object.
Protected MethodMemberwiseClone (Inherited from Object.)
Protected Methodraise_ContentLostOccurs after content is lost from a graphics device failure, allowing an application to re-create all resources.
Protected Methodraise_Disposing (Inherited from GraphicsResource.)

Public EventContentLostOccurs when resources are lost due to a lost device event.
Public EventDisposing (Inherited from GraphicsResource.)

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