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BasicEffect Members

The following tables list the members exposed by the BasicEffect type.

Public MethodBasicEffectOverloaded. Initializes a new instance of the BasicEffect class.

Public PropertyAlphaGets or sets the alpha this effect material.
Public PropertyAmbientLightColorGets or sets the ambient light color of this effect.
Public PropertyCreator (Inherited from Effect.)
Public PropertyCurrentTechnique (Inherited from Effect.)
Public PropertyDiffuseColorGets or sets the diffuse color of this effect material. Value takes 0 to 1.
Public PropertyDirectionalLight0Gets the first directional light for this effect.
Public PropertyDirectionalLight1Gets the second directional light for this effect.
Public PropertyDirectionalLight2Gets the third directional light for this effect.
Public PropertyEffectPool (Inherited from Effect.)
Public PropertyEmissiveColorGets or sets the emissive color of the effect material.
Public PropertyFogColorGets or sets the fog color for this effect.
Public PropertyFogEnabledEnables fog for this effect.
Public PropertyFogEndGets or sets the ending distance of fog.
Public PropertyFogStartGets or sets the fog start distance.
Public PropertyFunctions (Inherited from Effect.)
Public PropertyGraphicsDevice (Inherited from Effect.)
Public PropertyIsDisposed (Inherited from Effect.)
Public PropertyLightingEnabledEnables lighting for this effect.
Public PropertyParameters (Inherited from Effect.)
Public PropertyPreferPerPixelLightingGets or sets a value indicating that per-pixel lighting should be used if it is available for the current adapter. Per-pixel lighting is available if a graphics adapter supports Pixel Shader Model 2.0.
Public PropertyProjectionGets or sets the projection matrix.
Public PropertySpecularColorGets or sets the specular color of this effect material.
Public PropertySpecularPowerGets or sets the specular power of this effect material.
Public PropertyTechniques (Inherited from Effect.)
Public PropertyTextureGets or sets a texture to be applied by this effect.
Public PropertyTextureEnabledEnables textures for this effect.
Public PropertyVertexColorEnabledEnables use vertex colors for this effect.
Public PropertyViewGets or sets the view matrix.
Public PropertyWorldGets or sets the world matrix.

Public MethodBegin (Inherited from Effect.)
Public MethodCloneCreates a clone of an effect.
Public MethodCommitChanges (Inherited from Effect.)
Public MethodCompileEffectFromFile (Inherited from Effect.)
Public MethodCompileEffectFromSource (Inherited from Effect.)
Public MethodDisassemble (Inherited from Effect.)
Public MethodDispose (Inherited from Effect.)
Public MethodEnableDefaultLightingEnables default lighting for this effect.
Public MethodEnd (Inherited from Effect.)
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Protected MethodMemberwiseClone (Inherited from Object.)
Protected Methodraise_Disposing (Inherited from Effect.)
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Protected Methodraise_Reset (Inherited from Effect.)

Public EventDisposing (Inherited from Effect.)
Public EventLost (Inherited from Effect.)
Public EventReset (Inherited from Effect.)