GameWindow Members

The following tables list the members exposed by the GameWindow type.

Public PropertyAllowUserResizingSpecifies whether to allow the user to resize the game window.
Public PropertyClientBoundsThe screen dimensions of the game window's client rectangle.
Public PropertyCurrentOrientationGets the current display orientation, which reflects the physical orientation of the phone in the user's hand.
Public PropertyHandleGets the handle to the system window.
Public PropertyScreenDeviceNameGets the device name of the screen the window is currently in.
Public PropertyTitleGets and sets the title of the system window.

Public MethodBeginScreenDeviceChangeStarts a device transition (windowed to full screen or vice versa).
Public MethodEndScreenDeviceChangeOverloaded. Completes a device transition.
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Protected MethodOnActivatedCalled when the GameWindow gets focus.
Protected MethodOnClientSizeChangedCalled when the size of the client window changes. Raises the ClientSizeChanged event.
Protected MethodOnDeactivatedCalled when the GameWindow loses focus.
Protected MethodOnOrientationChangedCalled when the GameWindow display orientation changes.
Protected MethodOnPaintCalled when the GameWindow needs to be painted.
Protected MethodOnScreenDeviceNameChangedCalled when the GameWindow is moved to a different screen. Raises the ScreenDeviceNameChanged event.
Protected MethodSetSupportedOrientationsSets the supported display orientations.
Protected MethodSetTitleSets the title of the GameWindow.

Public EventClientSizeChangedRaised when the size of the GameWindow changes.
Public EventOrientationChangedDescribes the event raised when the display orientation of the GameWindow changes. When this event occurs, the XNA Framework automatically adjusts the game orientation based on the value specified by the developer with SupportedOrientations.
Public EventScreenDeviceNameChangedRaised when the GameWindow moves to a different display.

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