GameTimer Members

The following tables list the members exposed by the GameTimer type.

Public MethodGameTimerCreates a new GameTimer.

Public PropertyDrawOrderGets or sets the sort order of draw actions for this instance.
Public PropertyFrameActionOrderGets or sets the sort order of frame actions for this instance.
Public PropertyUpdateIntervalGets or sets the update interval for the action.
Public PropertyUpdateOrderGets or sets the sort order of update actions for this instance.

Public MethodDisposeImmediately releases the unmanaged resources used by this object.
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Public Method StaticResetElapsedTimeResets the game timing state for all GameTimers.
Public MethodStartStarts the GameTimer instance so it will begin firing actions.
Public MethodStopStops the GameTimer instance from firing actions.
Public Method StaticSuppressFrameSupresses all remaining FrameAction, Update and Draw events from firing this frame for all GameTimers.
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Public EventDrawAn action that is fired once per frame to tell a game to draw itself.
Public EventFrameActionAn action that is fired to allow a game to do a per-frame update.
Public EventUpdateAn action fired at an update interval as specified by the UpdateInterval property.

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