SignedInGamer Properties

Public PropertyDisplayName(Inherited from Gamer.)
Public PropertyGameDefaultsDescribes a gamer's preferred settings.
Public PropertyGamertag(Inherited from Gamer.)
Public PropertyIsDisposed(Inherited from Gamer.)
Public PropertyIsGuestDetermines if the gamer is the guest of an Xbox LIVE–enabled profile.
Public PropertyIsSignedInToLiveDetermines if the gamer has an Xbox LIVE–enabled profile.
Public PropertyLeaderboardWriter(Inherited from Gamer.)
Public PropertyPartySizeGets the current party size.
Public PropertyPlayerIndexGets the index of the gamer.
Public PropertyPresenceGets an object that may be used to set the rich presence state for this gamer.
Public PropertyPrivilegesDescribes what operations a gamer is allowed to perform.
Public PropertyTag(Inherited from Gamer.)

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