SignedInGamer Methods

Public MethodAwardAchievement[Deprecated] Awards the specified achievement to a locally signed-in gamer.
Public MethodBeginAwardAchievementStarts an asynchronous operation to award an achievement to a locally signed-in gamer.
Public MethodBeginGetAchievementsStarts an asynchronous achievement query operation.
Public MethodBeginGetProfile(Inherited from Gamer.)
Public MethodEndAwardAchievementEnds an asynchronous achievement award operation.
Public MethodEndGetAchievementsEnds an asynchronous achievement query operation.
Public MethodEndGetProfile(Inherited from Gamer.)
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Public MethodGetAchievementsReturns the collection of all achievements that may be earned by this gamer.
Public MethodGetFriendsReads the friends list of this signed-in gamer, including the gamertag and current presence information for each friend.
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Public MethodGetProfile(Inherited from Gamer.)
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Public MethodIsFriendQueries whether the specified gamer is a friend of this local gamer.
Public MethodIsHeadset Determines if the passed microphone is a headset associated with this signed-in gamer. Use this method to determine if a specific microphone is a gamer-bound headset.
Public MethodToString(Inherited from Gamer.)

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