SignedInGamer.SignedOut Event

Occurs when a gamer signs out on the local system.

Namespace: Microsoft.Xna.Framework.GamerServices
Assembly: Microsoft.Xna.Framework.GamerServices (in microsoft.xna.framework.gamerservices.dll)

public static event EventHandler<SignedOutEventArgs> SignedOut

This event is raised during calls to Update. When this event is raised, the LocalGamers collection no longer will contain the signed-out gamer.

Bb976020.note(en-us,XNAGameStudio.40).gifWindows Phone Specific Information

This event never occurs on Windows Phone.

Behavior of Local Sessions

This event signals that a signed-in gamer has exited the session; it does not indicate that the session has ended. An established local session ends only when all local profiles have signed out of the session.

Xbox 360, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Phone 7

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