LeaderboardReader Class

XNA Game Studio 4.0
Reads data from leaderboards.

Leaderboards can be read in three different ways:

  • By passing a page start index, which reads a range of consecutive entries starting at that rank. This typically is used to read the top scores by passing zero as the page start.
  • By passing a pivot gamer, which reads a range of consecutive entries centered on the rank of that gamer. This typically is used to display the entries immediately above and below the current local profile.
  • By passing a collection of gamers, which reads entries specifically for those profiles. This typically is used to display a friends leaderboard.

Namespace: Microsoft.Xna.Framework.GamerServices
Assembly: Microsoft.Xna.Framework.GamerServices (in microsoft.xna.framework.gamerservices.dll)

public sealed class LeaderboardReader : IDisposable


This class and all related methods and properties only retrieve a calculated result for titles approved to access Xbox LIVE Services through the Xbox LIVE Registered Developer Program. For Xbox LIVE Indie games, the properties in this class will not return a calculated result, and related methods will report a NotSupportedException.

Xbox 360, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Phone 7

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