Guide Members

The following tables list the members exposed by the Guide type.

Public Property StaticIsScreenSaverEnabledGets or sets the current state of the screen saver.
Public Property StaticIsTrialModeDetermines whether the game is running currently in limited trial mode.
Public Property StaticIsVisibleDetermines whether a Guide user interface screen is active.
Public Property StaticNotificationPositionDetermines where notifications appear on the screen.
Public Property StaticSimulateTrialModeAllows titles to simulate trial mode restrictions when testing using the Development configuration.

Public Method StaticBeginShowKeyboardInputBegins the process for displaying a dialog for keyboard input from a gamer.
Public Method StaticBeginShowMessageBoxBegins the process of displaying a message box with the specified parameters.
Public Method StaticBeginShowStorageDeviceSelectorOverloaded. Begins the process for displaying the storage device selector user interface.
Public Method StaticDelayNotificationsDelays system notifications for the specified amount of time.
Public Method StaticEndShowKeyboardInputEnds the display of the keyboard input dialog box.
Public Method StaticEndShowMessageBoxEnds the display of a message box.
Public Method StaticEndShowStorageDeviceSelectorEnds the display of the storage selector user interface.
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Public Method StaticShowShows the guide user interface.
Public Method StaticShowComposeMessageShows the Compose Message user interface.
Public Method StaticShowFriendRequestShows the Friend Request user interface.
Public Method StaticShowFriendsShows the Friends user interface.
Public Method StaticShowGameInviteDisplays the game invitation user interface.
Public Method StaticShowGamerCardShows the Gamer Card user interface.
Public Method StaticShowMarketplaceDisplays the marketplace user interface.
Public Method StaticShowMessagesShows the Messages user interface.
Public Method StaticShowPlayerReviewShows the Player Review user interface.
Public Method StaticShowPlayersShows the Players user interface.
Public Method StaticShowSignInShows the user interface a gamer uses for signing into Xbox LIVE.
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