GameDefaults Members

The following tables list the members exposed by the GameDefaults type.

Public PropertyAccelerateWithButtonsGets the gamer's preference for using controller buttons to accelerate in racing games.
Public PropertyAutoAim Gets whether the title should automatically correct the gamer's aim.
Public PropertyAutoCenterGets whether the title should automatically center the view when the gamer moves.
Public PropertyBrakeWithButtonsGets the gamer's preference for using controller buttons to brake in racing games.
Public PropertyControllerSensitivityGets the preferred controller sensitivity setting for this gamer.
Public PropertyGameDifficultyGets the preferred difficulty setting for this gamer.
Public PropertyInvertYAxisGets the gamer's preference for inverting the y-axis input of the controller.
Public PropertyManualTransmissionGets the gamer's preference for driving a manual shift transmission in racing games.
Public PropertyMoveWithRightThumbStickGets the gamer's preference for moving by using the right thumbstick.
Public PropertyPrimaryColorGets the preferred color for the player character.
Public PropertyRacingCameraAngleGets the gamer's preferred camera angle for racing games.
Public PropertySecondaryColorGets a secondary color selection for the player character.

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