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AvatarRenderer Members

AvatarRenderer Members

The following tables list the members exposed by the AvatarRenderer type.

Public MethodAvatarRendererOverloaded. Creates a new instance of AvatarRenderer.

Public FieldBoneCountNumber of bones in the avatar model.

Public PropertyAmbientLightColorGets or sets the color of the ambient light used by the avatar renderer.
Public PropertyBindPoseGets the collection of bind pose positions for each bone of the avatar model.
Public PropertyIsDisposedGets the disposed state of the avatar renderer.
Public PropertyIsLoadedGets the loaded state of the avatar.
Public PropertyLightColorGets or sets the color of the directional light used by the avatar renderer.
Public PropertyLightDirectionGets or sets the color of the directional light used by the avatar renderer.
Public PropertyParentBonesCollection of the parent indices for each bone in the related BindPose collection.
Public PropertyProjectionGets or sets the projection matrix for the avatar.
Public PropertyViewGets or sets the view matrix for the avatar.
Public PropertyWorldGets or sets the world matrix for the avatar.

Public MethodDisposeOverloaded. Immediately releases the unmanaged resources used by this object.
Public MethodDrawDraws the avatar to the current render target.
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Protected MethodFinalizeAllows the avatar renderer to attempt to free resources and perform other cleanup operations before garbage collection reclaims the renderer.
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