EndGetFromGamer Method
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AvatarDescription.EndGetFromGamer Method

XNA Game Studio 4.0
Ends the process of getting an AvatarDescription object for a specified gamertag.
Ff827676.note(en-us,XNAGameStudio.40).gifWindows Specific Information
Avatar-related APIs are exposed on Windows to ease cross-platform development between Windows and the Xbox 360. All avatar-related methods return default values, and rendering methods do not draw anything to the screen.

Namespace: Microsoft.Xna.Framework.GamerServices
Assembly: Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Avatar (in microsoft.xna.framework.avatar.dll)

public static AvatarDescription EndGetFromGamer (
         IAsyncResult result


An IAsyncResult used to track the progress of the operation.

Return Value

The AvatarDescription object for the specified gamertag.

Xbox 360, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

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