AvatarBone Enumeration

Defines a list of the useful bones of the avatar model.

This is not a complete list of avatar bones; some values are not listed. Unlisted bone indices are special, and are used only when building an animation in an animation package.

Bone indices are sorted by depth value.

Dd940212.note(en-us,XNAGameStudio.41).gifWindows Specific Information
Avatar-related APIs are exposed on Windows to ease cross-platform development between Windows and the Xbox 360. All avatar-related methods return default values, and rendering methods do not draw anything to the screen.

Namespace: Microsoft.Xna.Framework.GamerServices
Assembly: Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Avatar (in microsoft.xna.framework.avatar.dll)

public enum AvatarBone

 Member nameValueDescription
AnkleLeft11 Left ankle
AnkleRight15 Right ankle
BackLowerLower back
BackUpperUpper back
CollarLeft12 Left collar
CollarRight16 Right collar
ElbowLeft25 Left elbow
ElbowRight28 Right elbow
FingerIndex2Left51 Left index finger, 2nd joint
FingerIndex2Right56 Right index finger, 2nd joint
FingerIndex3Left61 Left index finger, 3rd joint
FingerIndex3Right66 Right index finger, 3rd joint
FingerIndexLeft37 Left index finger, 1st joint
FingerIndexRight44 Right index finger, 1st joint
FingerMiddle2Left52 Left middle finger, 2nd joint
FingerMiddle2Right57 Right middle finger, 2nd joint
FingerMiddle3Left62 Left middle finger, 3rd joint
FingerMiddle3Right67 Right middle finger, 3rd joint
FingerMiddleLeft38 Left middle finger, 1st joint
FingerMiddleRight45 Right middle finger, 1st joint
FingerRing2Left53 Left ring finger, 2nd joint
FingerRing2Right58 Right ring finger, 2nd joint
FingerRing3Left63 Left ring finger, 3rd joint
FingerRing3Right68 Right ring finger, 3rd joint
FingerRingLeft39 Left ring finger, 1st joint
FingerRingRight46 Right ring finger, 1st joint
FingerSmall2Left54 Left pinky finger, 2nd joint
FingerSmall2Right59 Right pinky finger, 2nd joint
FingerSmall3Left64 Left pinky finger, 3rd joint
FingerSmall3Right69 Right pinky finger, 3rd joint
FingerSmallLeft40 Left pinky finger, 1st joint
FingerSmallRight47 Right pinky finger, 2nd joint
FingerThumb2Left55 Left thumb, 2nd joint
FingerThumb2Right60 Right thumb, 2nd joint
FingerThumb3Left65 Left thumb, 3rd joint
FingerThumb3Right70 Right thumb, 3rd joint
FingerThumbLeft43 Left thumb, 1st joint
FingerThumbRight50 Right thumb, 1st joint
Head19 Head
HipLeftLeft hip
HipRightRight hip
KneeLeftLeft knee
Neck14 Neck
PropLeft41 A separate object held in the left hand.
PropRight48 A separate object held in the right hand.
KneeRightRight knee
RootRoot bone of the avatar skeleton
ShoulderLeft20 Left shoulder
ShoulderRight22 Right shoulder
SpecialLeft42 A special bone located near the left hand of the avatar model.
SpecialRight49 A special bone located near the right hand of the avatar model.
ToeLeft21 Left toe
ToeRight23 Right toe
WristLeft33 Left wrist
WristRight36 Right wrist

Xbox 360, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

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