MathTypeConverter Members

The following tables list the members exposed by the MathTypeConverter type.

Public MethodMathTypeConverter Initializes a new instance of the MathTypeConverter class.

Protected FieldpropertyDescriptionsRepresents a collection of PropertyDescriptor objects.
Protected FieldsupportStringConvertReturns whether string conversion is supported.

Public MethodCanConvertFromOverloaded. Returns whether this converter can convert an object of one type to the type of this converter.
Public MethodCanConvertToOverloaded. Returns whether this converter can convert the object to the specified type.
Public MethodConvertFrom (Inherited from TypeConverter.)
Public MethodConvertFromInvariantString (Inherited from TypeConverter.)
Public MethodConvertFromString (Inherited from TypeConverter.)
Public MethodConvertTo (Inherited from TypeConverter.)
Public MethodConvertToInvariantString (Inherited from TypeConverter.)
Public MethodConvertToString (Inherited from TypeConverter.)
Public MethodCreateInstance (Inherited from TypeConverter.)
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Public MethodGetCreateInstanceSupportedOverloaded. Returns whether changing a value on this object requires a call to the CreateInstance method to create a new value.
Public MethodGetHashCode (Inherited from Object.)
Public MethodGetPropertiesOverloaded. Returns a collection of properties for the type of array specified by the value parameter.
Public MethodGetPropertiesSupportedOverloaded. Returns whether this object supports properties.
Public MethodGetStandardValues (Inherited from TypeConverter.)
Public MethodGetStandardValuesExclusive (Inherited from TypeConverter.)
Public MethodGetStandardValuesSupported (Inherited from TypeConverter.)
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Protected MethodGetConvertFromException (Inherited from TypeConverter.)
Protected MethodGetConvertToException (Inherited from TypeConverter.)
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