Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Content.Pipeline.Processors Namespace

This namespace is available only when developing for Windows.
Provides base classes that represent processors used by the XNA Framework Content Pipeline when processing specific game asset types.

Public ClassEffectProcessorProcesses a string representation to a platform-specific compiled effect.
Public ClassFontDescriptionProcessorProvides methods to convert a font description class containing the name and size of a font into SpriteFontContent.
Public ClassFontTextureProcessorProvides methods to convert a specially marked 2D bitmap into SpriteFontContent.
Public ClassMaterialProcessorBuilds the effects and textures of a MaterialContent object.
Public ClassModelBoneContentStores design-time data for a ModelBone asset.
Public ClassModelBoneContentCollectionA collection of ModelBoneContent objects.
Public ClassModelContent Stores design-time data for a Model asset.
Public ClassModelMeshContent Stores design-time data for a ModelMesh asset.
Public ClassModelMeshContentCollection A collection of ModelMeshContent objects.
Public ClassModelMeshPartContent Stores design-time data for a ModelMeshPart asset.
Public ClassModelMeshPartContentCollection Collection of ModelMeshPartContent objects.
Public ClassModelProcessorProcesses a game asset mesh to a model content that is optimal for runtime.
Public ClassModelTextureProcessorProcesses textures for 3D models.
Public ClassPassThroughProcessor Provides an implementation of a no-operation processor that returns an unmodified copy of the input data.
Public ClassSongContentRepresents a processed Song object.
Public ClassSongProcessorA custom song processor that processes an intermediate AudioContent type.
Public ClassSoundEffectContentRepresents a processed sound effect.
Public ClassSoundEffectProcessor Provides a custom sound effect processor that processes an intermediate AudioContent type.
Public ClassSpriteFontContent Provides methods and properties for managing a design-time SpriteFont Class holding packed font data.
Public ClassSpriteTextureProcessorProcesses textures for use as 2D sprites or user interface components.
Public ClassTextureProcessor Provides methods for processing textures.
Public ClassVertexBufferContentProvides methods and properties for managing a design-time vertex buffer that holds packed vertex data.

Public EnumerationTextureProcessorOutputFormatSpecifies the target output (of type SurfaceFormat) of the texture processor.