ContentProcessorContext Members

The following tables list the members exposed by the ContentProcessorContext type.

Public MethodContentProcessorContextInitializes a new instance of ContentProcessorContext.

Public PropertyBuildConfigurationGets the name of the current content build configuration.
Public PropertyIntermediateDirectoryGets the path of the directory that will contain any intermediate files generated by the content processor.
Public PropertyLoggerGets the logger interface used for status messages or warnings.
Public PropertyOutputDirectoryGets the output path of the content processor.
Public PropertyOutputFilenameGets the output file name of the content processor.
Public PropertyParametersGets the collection of parameters used by the content processor.
Public PropertyTargetPlatformGets the current content build target platform.
Public PropertyTargetProfileGets the current content build target profile.

Public MethodAddDependencyAdds a dependency to the specified file.
Public MethodAddOutputFileAdd a file name to the list of related output files maintained by the build item.
Public MethodBuildAndLoadAssetOverloaded. Initiates a nested build of the specified asset and then loads the result into memory.
Public MethodBuildAssetOverloaded. Initiates a nested build of an asset.
Public MethodConvertOverloaded. Converts a content item object using the specified content processor.
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