ContentSerializerAttribute Properties

Public PropertyAllowNullGet or set a value indicating whether this member can have a null value (default=true).
Public PropertyCollectionItemNameGets or sets the XML element name for each item in a collection (default = "Item").
Public PropertyElementNameGets or sets the XML element name (default=name of the managed type member).
Public PropertyFlattenContent Gets or sets a value idicating whether to write member contents directly into the current XML context rather than wrapping the member in a new XML element (default=false).
Public PropertyHasCollectionItemNameIndicates whether an explicit CollectionItemName string is being used or the default value.
Public PropertyOptional Indicates whether to write this element if the member is null and skip past it if not found when deserializing XML (default=false).
Public PropertySharedResource Indicates whether this member is referenced from multiple parents and should be serialized as a unique ID reference (default=false).

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