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Microsoft.Workflow.Client.Security Namespace

Provides client security-related classes for the workflow service.

  Class Description
Public class ClientPermissions Represents the permissions granted to a client.
Public class OAuthS2SAccessControlServiceSettings Represents the settings of the Access Control Service's OAuth2 S2S endpoint.
Public class OAuthS2SAppSettings The application settings for enabling OAuth2 S2S security using the Access Control Service.
Public class OAuthS2SAuthenticationChallenge The OAuth2 S2S challenge to be issued for unauthenticated requests. It will be included with the HTTP 401 response code.
Public class OAuthS2SCredential Represents a credential for an OAuth2 S2S identity.
Public class OAuthS2SDiscoveryCredential Represents a discovery credential for OAuth S2S identity.
Public class OAuthS2SSecurityConfiguration Specifies an OAuth2 S2S-based security configuration for the Scope that supports claims-based delegation.
Public class OAuthS2SSecurityTokenServiceCredential Represents a credential for calling a Security Token Service using OAuth2 S2S.
Public class OAuthS2SSelfIssuedCredential A credential for creating a self-signed token.
Public class OAuthS2STrustedIssuer Specifies a trusted issuer for OAuth2 S2S.
Public class ScopeSecurityConfiguration Represents the scope security configuration.
Public class WindowsSecurityConfiguration Specifies Windows authentication and authorization for the Scope configuration.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration ScopePermissions The permissions granted by the Scope security configuration.
Public enumeration WorkflowManagementPermissions Specifies an enumeration of management permissions.

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