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Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Storage Namespace

The Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Storage namespace provides a set of APIs for managing storage objects.

BackupConfigurationRequestRepresents all of the data that is necessary to request the hard drive configuration of server backup.
BasePermissionRepresents the base permissions.
CalculateFolderSizeRequestRepresents an object that is used to calculate the size of a folder.
CancelOperationRequestRepresents an object that contains all of the data for requesting to cancel an operation.
CheckDiskRequestRepresents an object that provides operations to request that check disk is run on a volume.
CheckDiskStepStatusRepresents the status object that contains progress information returned by CheckDiskRequest.
CreateFolderRequestRepresents all of the data that is needed to request the creation of a new folder.
CreateFolderStepStatusRepresents the progress status that is returned by the CreateFolderRequest object.
CreateStorageSpaceRequestRepresents a request to create a storage space.
CreateStorageSpaceStepStatusRepresents the progress status that is returned by a CreateStorageSpaceRequest object.
DiskRepresents a disk of a disk set.
DriveRepresents a drive object.
DriveInUseRequestIndicates whether a drive is being used. Use this after the request has completed successfully.
FolderRepresents the operations that can be performed on a folder.
GetPoolableDisksRequestInitiates requests to retrieve the list of disks that can be added to storage pools.
GetPoolableDisksRequestCompletedEventArgsRepresents the arguments for the GetPoolableDisksRequestCompleted event.
InitializeDiskRequestRepresents all of the data that is necessary to request the addition of a new disk.
InitializeDiskStepStatusRepresents the status that is returned by InitializeDiskRequest object.
InitializeStorageRequestRepresents an object that contains all of the data for requesting that storage is initialized.
InitializeStorageStepStatusRepresents the status object that contains progress information returned by InitializeStorageRequest.
ModifyDriveRequestRepresents all of the data that is necessary to enable or disable shadow copy on a drive.
ModifyFolderRequestRepresents all of the data that is necessary to request the modification of a folder.
MoveFolderRequestRepresents all of the data that is necessary to request that a folder be moved.
MoveFolderStepStatusRepresents the status that is returned by MoveFolderRequest.
NamePermissionRepresents permissions by name.
NotifyPropertyChangeRepresents events that occur when a property value is changed.
QuotaConfigures the disk quota for a folder.
RemoveFolderRequestRepresents all of the data that is necessary to request that a folder be unshared.
RemoveFolderStepStatusRepresents the status that is returned by RemoveFolderRequest.
SIDPermissionRepresents permissions by SID.
StorageManagerProvides synchronous and asynchronous operations to interact with the Storage Provider.
StorageObjectModelErrorCodesRepresents the error codes that can be returned by the storage object model.
StorageObjectModelExceptionRepresents errors that occur during Storage Object Model operations.
StorageObjectModelFatalExceptionRepresents the exceptions that are thrown from the Storage Object Model.
StorageObjectModelPropertyNamesRepresents the property names for storage objects.
StorageOperationStatusRepresents the status of a storage operation.

CheckDiskResultIndicates the results of running the check disk operation on a volume.
CheckDiskStepIdIndicates the step values for the check disk operation.
CreateFolderResultSpecifies the result of the operation that created folder.
CreateFolderStepIdIndicates the steps of the create folder operation.
CreateStorageSpaceStatusStepIdSpecifies the steps that track the status of CreateStorageSpace and CreateStorageSpaceAsync operations.
DiskPartitionStyleIndicates the types of disk partitions.
DiskStatusIndicates the status levels of a disk.
DriveDataStatusIndicates the status of the data on the drive.
DriveFileSystemTypeIndicates the type of file system that is on the drive.
DriveStatusIndicates the status of the drive.
FolderFlagSpecifies the flags that define folder types.
FolderStatusIndicates the status of the drive.
InitializeDiskStepIdIndicates the steps of the add disk operation.
InitializeStorageStepIdIndicates the step values for the operation of initializing storage.
MoveFolderStepIdIndicates the current step of the move folder operation.
MoveFolderWarningsSpecifies warnings that occur during the move folders operation.
OperationStatusIndicates the status levels of storage operations.
PermissionIndicates the permissions that are set for the user account.
PrincipleCategorySpecifies the principle category.
RemoveFolderStepIdIndicates the steps of the removal operation.
RollbackWarningsSpecifies the warning that can occur during the rollback of the move folders operation.
StorageSpaceProvisioningTypeSpecifies the type of provisioning to use in a storage space.
StorageSpaceResiliencySpecifies the disk resiliency features that a storage space can use to handle drive failures.

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