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Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.NetworkHealth.AlertFramework Namespace

The Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.NetworkHealth.AlertFramework namespace provides a set of APIs for managing health alerts.

AlertRepresents a Network Health Alert.
AlertInfoDo not use this class. Provides information about a network health alert.
AlertObjectExpiredExceptionRepresents the errors that occur with the alert object has expired.
AlertProviderExceptionRepresents the errors that occur with the Alert Provider operations.
AlertSynchProviderClientEnables the implementation of an alert subsystem that synchronizes alerts with the Alert Provider.
EvaluateAlertsCompletedEventArgsRepresents the arguments for the EvaluateAlertsCompleted and EvaluateAllAlertsCompleted events.
GetAlertsCompletedEventArgsRepresents the arguments for the GetAllLocalAlertsCompleted event of the LocalAlertManager object or the GetAllNetworkAlertsCompleted event of the NetworkAlertManager object.
HealthScheduledTaskRepresents the operations that are used by scheduled tasks.
IEnumerableAlertExtensionsRepresents the operations that can be performed on an IEnumerable implementation of Alert objects.
IEnumerableAlertInfoExtensionsRepresents the operations that can be performed on an IEnumerable implementation of AlertInfo objects.
LocalAlertManagerRepresents the object that is used to locally manage alerts.
NetworkAlertManagerRepresets the object that is used to manage network alerts.
NetworkAlertManagerUserSettingsRepresents the settings for the Network Alert Manager.
RaiseAlertCompletedEventArgsRepresents the arguments for the RaiseLocalAlertCompleted event of the LocalAlertManager object.
ReadOnlyAlertCollectionRepresents the properties for a ReadOnlyObservableCollection of Alert objects.
UserContextTaskDefines a task that the user can run.

INetworkAlertManagerSettingsRepresents the filter for Alert Manager settings.

AlertFilterTypeIndicates the level of alert visibility.

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