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Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.MediaStreaming Namespace

The Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.MediaStreaming namespace provides a set of APIs for managing shared folders from which media is streamed.

This namespace is not applicable to the Windows Server Code Name "Aurora" operating system.

ConnectedChangedEventArgsRepresents the arguments for the ConnectedChangedEvent.
MediaLibraryNameAsyncCompletedEventArgsRepresents the arguments for the completed event.
MediaStreamingEnabledAsyncCompletedEventArgsRepresents the arguments for the MediaStreamingEnabledAsyncCompleted events.
MediaStreamingManagerRepresents synchronous and asynchronous operations that are used to interact with the media streaming provider.
MediaStreamingSharedFolderRepresents information about shared folders that are used for streaming media.
SharedFoldersAsyncCompletedEventArgsRepresents the arguments for the GetSharedFoldersAsyncCompleted event.

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