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Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.HostedEmail Namespace

Class Description
EmailAccountInfo Describes an email account on the hosted email service.
HostedEmailAccountUpdatedEventArgs Contains the event arguments used in the HostedEmailAccountUpdated event.
HostedEmailAdaptorException The exception that occurs when managing the hosted email adapter.
HostedEmailAdaptorNotSupportedException Raised when the system makes a call to an unsupported adapter.
HostedEmailConfiguration Contains the configuration information for a hosted email add-in.
HostedEmailConfigurationException Exception that occurs during while performing a hosted email configuration task.
HostedEmailIntegrationManager Enables and disables the built-in email integration provider; also reads and prepares the XML configuration files stored in the hosted email Add-in folder.
HostedEmailIntegrationManagerException Represents an error that occurs while managing a hosted email add-in.
HostedEmailManager Contains the object model for the hosted email functions.
HostedEmailProtectedDataStore Protects and stores data using an encryption scheme.
HostedEmailProviderException Represents errors that occur in tasks performed by the hosted email provider.
HostedEmailProviderInfo Describes the company who wrote a hosted email add-in provider.
HostedEmailServiceInfo Describes a hosted email service.
HostedEmailSupportContactInfo Contains the support contact information for a hosted email service.
NotSupportedAPIAttribute Indicates that a hosted email API is not implemented.
UserEmailInfo Describes a hosted email account.

Interface Description
IHostedEmailAdaptor Manages the hosted email adapter.

Enumeration Description
HostedEmailAdaptorErrorCode Describes the error codes for the hosted email adapter framework.
HostedEmailConfigureFault Contains a series of possible issues when configuring a hosted email service.

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